Positions and Practice – Week 6 (1/2)

Oral Presentations – reflection (part 1).

Well, it about an hour or so before my session to showcase my oral presentation for my research proposal begins. 

It has been an immensely challenging time just trying to pin my thought processes down and work out what direction I want to go in. A head full of ideas that just won’t coalesce can be quite frustrating. 

I hadn’t succeeded until about two hours ago when I realised which of my two proposals I want to dedicate my time to; which means my current presentation is a tad defunct as it considers the two ideas. 

It will be interesting to see what my peers and tutor think so far. The main thing I want to do now is start producing actual work that reflects my thinking – to get those ideas out of my head and on to paper (or other desired medium). 

It was insightful listening back to the presentations made by other students but as this is part one of my reflection for this week – I will add more tomorrow – I will wait till I have digested the feedback from tonight to comment on other ideas.



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