Week 4 – reflection

Taking a look back at early work to see if there is a thread running through to present day work has been an interesting part of this week's tasks. The first photo I took, if memory serves me well, was aged about eight with the family Polaroid camera. It was of a wooden hut that … Continue reading Week 4 – reflection


Shifting sands

Even though I only stumbled across the sand crisis environmental issue earlier this year, I feel a strong connection to it, perhaps due to my coastal location and because I often work at the beach - I feel bound to help raise awareness. And it is because of the words of one writer in particular … Continue reading Shifting sands

Great minds – great loss

I feel a tad awkward writing this. I'm writing about a man I did not know, but wish perhaps I had. When I first set up ShutterPod five/six years ago it was always with a view that one day I could convince enough financial backers that Cornwall needed its own dedicated photographic venue, something similar … Continue reading Great minds – great loss

Finding fresh perspectives

There are so many ways to find fresh perspectives for my practice. When time allows, burying my head in books or visiting museums and art venues are great ways to learn new things and gain new insights. But, as time is often short in my often hectic everyday life, I regularly find myself saving links … Continue reading Finding fresh perspectives

Sand stories

The internet is a wonderful means of keeping up-to-date on global issues, and, as this past week the cohort has been looking at social media, it is through its use that I often discover supportive information. I want to start to get under the skin of the sand crisis and the Twitter feed of one … Continue reading Sand stories

To fabric or not to fabric?

In the webinar this week I shared the three latest images I have created. Two are part of my Harena Now series and one was part of my #365cyanotypechallenge.    It was fabulous to get such supportive comments from my tutor and fellow students. My tutor Paul suggested I looked at the fabrics created at … Continue reading To fabric or not to fabric?

Week 3 – reflection (part three 3/3)

As we have been considering myriad dissemination opportunities it wasn't long before virtual reality (VR) became part of the picture. Mat Collishaw's new take on immersive exhibiting via this new(ish) tool was showcased in his Thresholds exhibition. It took visitors back in time to 1839 and William Henry Fox Talbot's first presentation of his photographs to … Continue reading Week 3 – reflection (part three 3/3)

Week 3 – reflection (part two 2/3)

My love of photography stems from our family Polaroid camera. At age about 8, I didn't really know what I was doing with it but I loved the buzz of the image popping out of the camera and the how mesmerising is was to watch and wait for the moment passed to reappear. I recall … Continue reading Week 3 – reflection (part two 2/3)

Week 3 – reflection (part one 1/3)

This week has seen students challenged to create an Instagram account and try to create a viral image. As I already regularly use Instagram, I decided my focus would be to increase followers by 30 but I admit I approached this task with a light touch as I wanted to concentrate on research towards the … Continue reading Week 3 – reflection (part one 1/3)

Week 2 – reflection

Although the purpose of this MA, for me, is to transfer into a more photography-based self-employed/employed status, I am also fortunate to have gained various skills throughout my working life in the world of business promotion, marketing etc. At present, I am a communications and marketing manger in my 'day job'. This involves writing press … Continue reading Week 2 – reflection