Further inspiration

As I come up to the final few weeks of this module, I have also learnt of two more photographers that could be influential on my ongoing thought processes. As I want my work to link back to science and nature, I have been intrigued by the work of Kelly Wilder and Anne Brigman. Both … Continue reading Further inspiration


Further inspiration

The past few weeks have led me to discover more photographers working in a similar vein to my own practice. One of those is Liz Nicol who I met at the Hestercombe Gardens Garden Leave residency in March. She has been working on the salt marshes of the Venice Lagoon to study the plants that … Continue reading Further inspiration

Garden Leave

I was very fortunate to be invited to take part in a residency at the vibrant Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset from March 27 to 29. Led by Helen Sear, Professor of Falmouth University's Institute of Photography and Tim Martin, Hestercombe's curator, with talks provided by my own MA course leader Jesse Alexander; course leader for MA … Continue reading Garden Leave

Nature – how to communicate it

In my research this week I have been looking at ideologies, particularly in relation to environment. This is a new element to my thought process on environmental issues but an important part of my research in light of where my work will sit in context. Part of my online research led me to a book … Continue reading Nature – how to communicate it

Contextual Research – Informing Contexts – Week Five

Going back to my roots The driver behind my MA project work is my desire to promote awareness of the impact humans have had, are having and will have on the planet. It stems from a time when I felt I was very aware of the many environmental issues the world faced. As life changed … Continue reading Contextual Research – Informing Contexts – Week Five

Informing Contexts – Week 3

Constructed Realities This week has been invigorating. Thought and conversation have turned to constructed photographs - those that are construed on their own terms rather than recording the there. We have explored deliberate images that create fictitious realities and deliberated whether the medium can or can not be more than just a trace of the … Continue reading Informing Contexts – Week 3