And finally

This module has been challenging and informative. Not only have I pushed myself creatively with a commissioned exhibition, but I have also gain much from a residency, my peers and my tutors. This module has brought my attention to a number of new photographers and practitioners such as Anne Brigman and Kelley Wilder. Brigman's works … Continue reading And finally


Where am I now?

Looking back at this module, I have definitely tried to pack as much in as possible. Along with working full-time, my commissioned exhibition and residency at Hestercombe Gardens, I have also stuck to four themes under the umbrella of human impact on the environment. These have related to rural landscapes, litter, lichen and my Nature's … Continue reading Where am I now?

Almost there…critical review

Since Week 10 and the submission of my 10-minute film, I have probably pinballed from one final proposal to another. I have now written my draft critical review of my work, digested feedback and will be sticking with my four photographic endeavours under the umbrella of human impacts. I feel there will with a little … Continue reading Almost there…critical review

Garden Leave

I was very fortunate to be invited to take part in a residency at the vibrant Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset from March 27 to 29. Led by Helen Sear, Professor of Falmouth University's Institute of Photography and Tim Martin, Hestercombe's curator, with talks provided by my own MA course leader Jesse Alexander; course leader for MA … Continue reading Garden Leave