Week Five – Sands of Time

Having become a little disillusioned with the UK's mainstream media of late, I have started to watch Al Jazeera News. With such a global outlook, I'm pretty impressed with the amount of world-wide situations I have learnt about that I would not have heard of just relying on my home country's coverage. Yes, as a … Continue reading Week Five – Sands of Time

Week Four – Hands Off

I have loved this week's challenge in which we were asked to "reconsider your relationship with your apparatus by not using it". As I normally work in a camera-less fashion, I don't use 'apparatus' other than the light sensitive material and any objects I use within the images I make. Sunlight (UV) is my usual light … Continue reading Week Four – Hands Off

Week Four – Are You Human?

To kick off this week's discussion relating to strategies of freedom, we were tasked with sharing an example of a photographic image not made directly by a human.  Our choice had to include the following: What is it? What does it show? Where did you find it? How was it made? What was it for? Taking … Continue reading Week Four – Are You Human?