The Strindberg test (ish)

Having been recently introduced to the Celestographs of August Strindberg, I am  now venturing into testing out his technique - sort of. Strindberg, who, during the 1890s, dabbled in making these photograms/chemigrams when he apparently had a creative block in his work as a playwright, created the images at night. This, it is reported, is … Continue reading The Strindberg test (ish)


Installation ideas

Having always wanted to show my work outside, but perhaps not having the financial means to create it in the way I would like, I have decided that I want to bring the outside in as part of my final show. Harena Now aims to raise discussions about the global sand crisis. It is still … Continue reading Installation ideas

Where I’m at…

As the new module looms, and with the need to stat to determine how, where and when I will show my final work, I feel as though I may need to take a slightly more realistic financial approach to ideas, unless I can begin to secure funding. In my head, I have seen my #HarenaNow … Continue reading Where I’m at…