Why lumen?

Harena Now, my MA project, has evolved into being created with a non-fixed lumen process and digital manipulation. I have opted to show five pieces at my first show on June 22. I also wanted the images created to be as large as my budget would allow. On this occasion that is A1 on the … Continue reading Why lumen?


The Strindberg test (ish)

Having been recently introduced to the Celestographs of August Strindberg, I am  now venturing into testing out his technique - sort of. Strindberg, who, during the 1890s, dabbled in making these photograms/chemigrams when he apparently had a creative block in his work as a playwright, created the images at night. This, it is reported, is … Continue reading The Strindberg test (ish)

Positions and Practice – reflection.

The assignments have been completed and handed in...and the results are back. I'm pretty pleased to say I have passed, gaining a distinction in my oral presentation. There's still work to be done to fine tune my ideas and plans, particularly around my project proposal. Having started the course with two very distinct project ideas, … Continue reading Positions and Practice – reflection.